Diet and Nutrition

There are many facets to diet and nutrition. As gastroenterologists we often see diseases related to over-nutrition or under-nutrition. Most gastroenterologists receive additional specialized training in nutrition which encompasses specific diets for specific diseases (e.g. gastroparesis, gluten-free for Celiac disease) and special methods for delivering nutrition. Examples are Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN – nutrition given through a central catheter into a large blood vessel) or Enteral Nutrition (tube feedings into the stomach or small intestine).

There are many resources regarding diet and nutrition, not all of which are reliable. We strongly encourage you to discuss any concerns you might have regarding weight gain, weight loss, or nutrition needs in disease and in health with your gastroenterologist. We work closely with patients, nutritionists, nursing and surgeons to provide the best nutritional advice possible.

The following are some useful resources which we find reputable:

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