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Idaho Gastroenterology Associates

The physicians of Idaho Gastroenterology are devoted to providing quality care to the patients in the community for routine colon cancer screening, reflux treatment and other gastrointestinal disorders.  Please contact our office for more information on all of the services we offer or to schedule an appointment with one of our providers.

425 W Bannock
Boise ID 83702
M-F 8am-5pm
2235 E Gala
Meridian ID 83642
M-F 8am-5pm


See what our patients are saying…

“Something I dreaded for 2 years turned out to be no big deal.”

“Very relaxing experience.  Surprisingly pleasant!”

“I was treated respectfully before, during, and after the procedure.”

“The staff and doctor were courteous, kind, compassionate, and caring.  I am referring family and friends.”

“It was not as uncomfortable as I was lead to believe.”

“Thank you all for making this an easy experience.”

“I was nervous prior but you all were amazing.”

“Great place, great experience.”

“The prep was only mildly inconvenient compared to horror stories I heard.”

“This was 1000 times easier than going to the dentist.”

“Friendly professional staff.”

“I found the entire staff very courteous and respectful.”

“Everyone was caring and considerate.”

“Best procedure I’ve ever been through.”

And one patient’s top 5 reasons for having a colonoscopy:

  1.  You lose 5 lbs in a day!
  2. You get to wear tight pants without fear of passing out!
  3. You get a great nap!
  4. Your gas does not stink.  (This benefit is however temporary)
  5. You get a nice new photo for your Facebook profile-a squeaky clean colon!